Do You Feel Disconnected From Your Partner?

  • Do you miss the fun you used to have together?
  • Does it feel sometimes that you two are living like roommates instead of partners in love?
  • When you are going through a problem, do you turn to your friend or close family member instead of reaching for your partner?
  • You may wish to be close again like you used to be.
  • You may miss that twinkle you used to see in your partner’s smile or eyes when they looked at you.

It can be frustrating, difficult, and lonely when you are experiencing relationship distress. Relationships, especially long-term ones, can be hard work. Life gets in the way of time spent together, and of romance. You get busy with work and children, and slowly the connection that you once had weakens over time. Or, maybe an infidelity has broken your trust. Now, it may seem like all you do is fight, day in and day out. The arguments might escalate until you both withdraw into silence. These negative patterns become entrenched and more rigid over time. Or, it can be just the opposite. Maybe you don’t interact or communicate, and it feels like you are more like roommates than romantic partners. One day, you realize that the strong connection you used to have with your partner is no longer there.

You might feel lonely, sad, and unsure of how to tell your partner how you are feeling. A part of you may want to tell your partner how you feel, but another part is scared because you realize how hard it is to communicate and be open with your partner. A level of safety and trust may have been broken.

You may question whether you really matter to your partner. And whether he or she will be there for you if you reach out. If you fear the answer is no, this can cause you to feel more isolated and alone. Perhaps you wish there was a way to hear one another again.

You Are Not Alone.

It’s normal to have periods of loneliness in relationships. Many couples struggle at different times in their marriages or partnerships. However, periods of high stress brought on by life’s challenges – such as infertility, loss of a job, infidelity, moving, or the loss of a child can put excessive strain on a relationship and disrupt the connection you once had. It is possible to overcome these situations, and couples counseling can help you overcome them together.

Heart Connection Center Couples Counseling Can Help You Reconnect.

You don’t have to suffer in this relationship pain alone. Not all relationships have to end when the going gets tough! Each struggle can be an opportunity for growth in your relationship.

The qualified therapists at Heart Connection Center can help you make sense of your strong emotions and relationship needs. We offer a non-judgmental place to share openly and honestly. All relationships reach sticky points. We help you understand that it is okay to have relationship needs. Often, we don’t feel entitled to our needs or can’t quite articulate them in a way that our partner can hear.

In couples counseling here is what we hope to help you and your partner with:

  • Feel more positive towards your spouse and yourself
  • Improve your communication so you feel heard and respected
  • Enjoy your time together
  • Solve problems more easily
  • Build and strengthen trust
  • Create a shared vision for your future together

You may have questions or concerns.

At Heart Connection Center, we offer the best counseling services. The licensed therapists here are experts helping couples understand each other better and teaching the skills to help people work through struggles (big and small). We can help you and your partner find the love that you want. But, you still may not be sure if couples counseling can help.

Will therapy be too expensive and take too much time?

You may be wondering if this is going to be too expensive, or fear that you don’t have the time for therapy. Couples counseling is an investment in yourself, your relationship and your family. If you have children, you and your partner are the leaders of your family, and whatever is going on in your relationship impacts everyone in your home. By investing the time and money in your relationship now, you can create the opportunity for everyone to feel better sooner. You can also build a solid foundation with your partner that will be useful for life.

Couples counseling can also help you repair your relationship and avoid a costly divorce. Relationship problems don’t just go away on their own; they fester and become worse with time. Don’t let them go untreated. It is time to feel better now.

What if your partner won’t agree to couples counseling?

This is actually quite common. Of course, we would love for both partners commit to working together to improve your relationship. However, that is not always possible. We have successfully worked with just one partner to help him or her improve the relationship.

Many couples that finally decide to turn to a counselor find that they are learning how to communicate in a healthy way. They begin to feel heard and understood, which brings couples back to feeling closer again. When couples begin to feel close and safe again, romantic feelings and love can be rekindled! We have worked with many couples who reported feeling better just after a few sessions. Of course, we can’t promise to save every relationship, but we believe in love and want to make it easier and more fulfilling for you.

I am afraid you are going to tell us that it’s hopeless and we should end our relationship.

Here at HCC, our goal is your goal. If you want to make it work, it can work. We are here to support you to get you to where you want to be in your relationship.In your first session, we will talk about your goals and what you want yo get out of our time together. Until you decide to change your goal, we will be on the same path you are on.

If your relationship isn’t making you as happy as it once was, now is the time to seek counseling.

Because you deserve love.

You deserve to be happy.

And we would be honored to help you find that happiness.

Here at the Heart Connection Center, we also offer 2 day Relationship Enhancement Workshops called Hold Me Tight please click here for more information.

We invite you to call us today at 561-203-9280 for your free phone consultation to talk to our friendly staff, share your story, and set up an appointment.