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Jessica Marchena


Jessica Marchena, LMHC

Relationships can be the main source of happiness and security in our lives - and that’s what we want. Yet, all too often, they can be painful and destructive.

My desire in all of my work is to help you feel better and find that happiness. You deserve to be happy and in love with your spouse again.

You Have Come to the Right Place for Help.

Being a certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist (EFT) I am passionate about helping couples who want to make a change and grow together. Your pain and hurt can be healed through couples therapy.

I specialize in helping you to communicate with each other,  learn how to listen and hear your partner. Not only will you be able to effectively communicate once again, but you will learn tools that will allow you to relate in ways you never have before.

EFT is proven in research to make long-lasting changes in couples! I can help you rekindle the love that brought you together. I have expertise and training in the best model of Couples Therapy out there!  

There is help and hope for your marriage!

How I work?

A solution-focused approach is both action and process oriented. I feel things change when we are doing something about them. I will also guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself in order to trust yourself and find your happiness. I believe that with attention, support, and planning,you can do this.

When you make the first call, you will speak directly with me. I will share a little about what to expect when you decide to work with me.  We will discuss why you are seeking therapy at this time and schedule your first appointment. Your first session will be as soon as possible. Most times, I can schedule you in the same week of your call. And that always makes my new clients feel good and have hope that things will change.

What is it like in Session?

During our sessions, I will create a safe space so you can feel comfortable in expressing your feelings. My office looks much like a family room. You are welcome to kick off your shoes, grab a pillow and get comfy.
I am looking forward to hearing your story. I will guide you to talk about the challenges you are facing. I will provide honest and direct feedback in a supportive and nurturing manner.
You are encouraged to bring a notebook to the session in order to take notes on what we talked about in each session. You will be able to refer to your notes on those days that are most challenging and stressful and you will know what to do because you have a plan. When you come to your next session, we will talk about how it worked and if needed, we will revise your plan to make it your very own – customized just for you.

Bilingual Services

As a Latina therapist, wife and mother, I have a personal and professional understanding of the cultural and relational dynamics in the Latin culture. By providing therapy in Spanish I can help ease the therapeutic process for bilingual clients.
I understand what it’s like to grow up as a Hispanic American girl and how to assimilate into both the American and Hispanic culture. I was responsible for teaching my parents about American culture. I may just share a few funny stories about that! It wasn’t easy because the generation and culture were very different in their country. Now, they have lived in America for more years than in their home country of Bolivia and have successfully adjusted.
My husband is from Peru and my kids have a multicultural background too. They are bilingual and assimilate well into both cultures. It is very fulfilling to see them growing up in both cultures as I did.
This sets me apart from other therapists as it gives me a unique understanding of what it means to be multicultural, and my Latin clients appreciate that I understand our culture. It gives them a sense of comfort right from the start of therapy.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and call me! You deserve love, joy, and peace of mind. You deserve happiness. And I would be honored to help you find it.

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